About Neha

kira-brooks-media-website-and-graphic-design-ashland-oregon-neha-kira-24bMy website and graphic design work emanates from over 20 years of experience in the field and a deep love for design. My personal interests for the past decades have been healing, spiritual growth and the psychological workings of the human mind. This enables me to easily put myself into the shoes of my clients, as well as their potential customers, and is a great asset for connecting with my customers and creating powerful marketing materials for them.

I am a designer at heart, thoroughly enjoying the creative process. I love the challenge of creating websites and graphic designs for our clients that are able to represent their company in the best light, and with the marketing power to attract and capture their potential customers.

To me, every project is a discovery of the essence of my client’s business; the passion and mission at its heart, the determination of the people behind it, the striving for excellence despite all obstacles, and their perseverance to achieve their dreams. I rejoice in helping them succeed.

The essence of my customer service is clear communication, accountability, follow through, and lightheartedness.

If this resonates, I look forward to working with you soon.